Should you have any problems on our site, go to a member of staff (they wear high visibility jackets) and are in radio contact with each other.


We have trained car parking attendants who will be doing their best to get maximum capacity, and keep the flow of cars in and out as smooth as possible. We try to rotate car parks to ease pressure and you may think our car park attendants are sometimes being awkward but believe me that is not the case.

We do have a few disabled spaces near the entrance gates; you will be directed to them if you ask.


Remember don't use a disabled space if you are not disabled. (Fate has a way of paying you back).


Please be advised, on site we have a Speed limit of 5 M.P.H. This is for everyone's safety, (when returning to cars, children often have a habit of running ahead).




Cars - £8

Transit size vans - £10

Trailers extra

Public Admission - Free

Free Parking


Opening Times


Sunday's and Bank Holiday's we open at 6:30am to sellers and buyers.

sellers can setup earlier if required, selling does not start until 6:30am





We have separate toilet blocks for Male & Female, with a toilet cleaner who is always in attendance on the day.

(If you find any problems with the toilets, please report it to a member of staff).


Food & Drink


You will find various food outlets around the field. Fast food stalls, Sandwich & cake stalls, Ice cream vans & sweet stalls.


Message From Caterers: We aim to please, but should you buy any food or drinks that you are not satisfied with, please do not suffer in silence! Take it back to where you bought it and politely say so. We will do our best to put things right. The only customers we want are satisfied customers, remember we are here week in week out, no one is perfect all the time, and unless you say when some thing is wrong, it cant be put right.


Dress and table hire


Dress rails and tables are £3 each to hire. You will be required to leave a deposit of £15.00 on each item, this is refundable upon return. You will find the dress rails & table hire by the toilet blocks.




Food or Drink (we leave that to the professionals)




Animals or Birds




Stolen property




Duty free goods


Counterfeit goods


Videos, DVD's, or Magazines of Pornographic nature


BB Guns, Air Weapons, Firearms or Samurai Swords etc.


We gladly welcome trading standards to our site and assist them all we can.


We run a site aimed at families, we want you all to have a good day out, whether selling or buying. We take care to police our site, but should any prohibited stalls be spotted, please bring it to our attention on the day; this can be done by alerting a member of staff.